We strive to have a strong, diverse, and resilient team that has the ability to endure a fast-paced (heavy at times) workload and function in a highly dynamic and efficient way. The team must be physically and mentally fit. Whatever we can do to have happy people on the team is a priority and typically, if we can ensure our employees are well, they are much more likely to be happy.

Sure we offer many things most good modern companies have, such as flexible schedules, the ability to work remotely, and liberal leave policies. Taking time to be active and work out is also encouraged and promoted.

But WhatsGood isn’t your average workplace… from the outset, we have been truly blessed to be working directly with the freshest and healthiest local food available. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before it became a benefit to working with us.

Ok, so we LOVE to eat… but so what? How does that affect employee wellness? More than you would think if it includes cooking that food yourself.  According to a recent study at Harvard Medical School,

“… the more people cook at home, the healthier their diet, the fewer calories they consume, and the less likely they are to be obese or develop type 2 diabetes.”

We found that we began to share recipes and secrets and obsess over new and favorite ingredients with each other. Then we would take all of that knowledge gained home each night and share it with our families. Later in the week, tales of the successes and great meals could be heard being spun throughout the office. More nutrient dense meals made at home, cooked with the freshest, local ingredients, makes for healthier employees.

Without any intentional effort, we began to positively affect both our minds and bodies. We had created a work environment that we are really proud of. One that fosters health and well-being in the workplace, but most importantly, at home. Working for WhatsGood has become a testament to the enormous positive impact that eating well and cooking together with your family can have on an employee’s mind, spirit, and physical health.

In terms of making an investment, having an employee wellness program is a good short-term strategy. If you want long-term growth and ROI,  the key is fundamentally shifting behavior by incentivizing good habits for employees outside of the workplace, at home and preferably with their families.

So, cheers to National Employee Wellness Month! A big shout out to Virgin Pulse for making this a THING, back in 2009!

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