Kim Mendes started out as a mom who was just looking for a way to heal her daughter’s eczema, and from that search her company, Yoreganics, was born.

She had worked as an interior designer for a number of years–a job she was passionate about–but it was her daughter’s struggles with sensitivity to fragrance and various home and personal care products that eventually led her down the path toward creating her own business. “She seemed to react to just about everything: fragrances, soaps, foods, cleaning products, you name it. We couldn’t even walk down certain aisles of the grocery store without her eyes tearing up and swelling and her skin breaking out in an itchy rash!” Kim began researching various toxins in our food, homes, and environment in a quest for something that would help her daughter. However, this search soon blossomed into a plan to “create a line of products to help other families with similar issues.”

Yoreganics makes a variety of gentle and natural products, but Kim’s favorite is the YoreBalm. “It’s my formula, and I have someone in a USDA-certified facility make it for me,” she says. Although running a business does have its challenges (“I HATE shipping…doing the same repetitive stuff kills me!”), Kim loves the creative aspects of her work and the fact that it allows her to help other people. She believes entrepreneurs “are just people doing stuff we are passionate about,” and with the help of WhatsGood, she is able to do all of it more easily–as both a purveyor and a WhatsGood customer herself! “I love that you guys pick up [products] for me and deliver it to others! I ALSO love that MY personal orders are delivered to MY house on the specific day. It DOES NOT get any better!”