If you’ve purchased meat, poultry, or eggs through WhatsGood, then chances are you’ve experienced the fruits of Rachael Slattery’s labor firsthand. Born and raised on Jamestown, she spent years traveling the world–spending time backpacking and sailing internationally–before discovering a true sense of community while volunteering on farms in New Zealand and Malaysia. When she returned to Rhode Island, Rachael started work training at Windmist Farm (another WhatsGood purveyor!) in her hometown of Jamestown, alongside her childhood friend Tucker and others in the Neale family. Later on, while continuing her training at Pat’s Pastured, Rachael met her future husband and Wild Harmony co-founder Ben. “We met while processing chickens – definitely the most romantic way to get to know your future spouse!” Rachael jokes. It turned out to be the perfect setting in which to learn about each other’s passions for sustainably and ethically raised livestock–passions which would lay the groundwork for their shared venture at Wild Harmony.

It only takes a few minutes of talking to Rachael to reveal the depth of her knowledge of, and dedication to, organic, non-GMO farming–a dedication that fuels everything she does at Wild Harmony. “Livestock farming is hard,” Rachael says. “It takes love, and it involves a lot of heartache.” But despite the challenges, Rachael attests to the great joys of her work, as well. In particular, she describes the “special experience” of working with those who participate in Wild Harmony’s apprenticeship program. “These people work hard and dedicate themselves to a totally different lifestyle. It changes the way they cook, eat, and live.” Additionally, Rachael finds joy in assisting with the birth of new piglets–an experience that she says makes her feel like a “pig midwife” of sorts!

All in all, Rachael and Ben both believe in the importance of focusing on what we’re putting into our animals and making sure that they are treated well. “It’s not just a slogan for us; we do not compromise on our ethics or our high standards. We truly care about the well being of the land and our animals. If the land is happy, then the pigs are happy, and we are happy.”

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