Exeter, RI

What type of farmer are you?

Wild Harmony Farm is a Certified Organic Livestock Farm that offers Chicken, Pork, Turkey, 100% Grass-Fed Beef & Maple Syrup for retail and wholesale.

What did you do before?

We have been farming here for 7 years. Ben farmed for 8 years before that apprenticing and eventually managing other livestock farms. I  spent time on farms around the world volunteering and work trading before starting Wild Harmony but my career was in the maritime industry. My last position was a tall-ship captain where I delivered experiential environmental educational programming in Washington State.

Why do you farm?

I farm because I want to eat food that I can completely trust and that I KNOW every step of the process is being fulfilled with integrity. Our food system is sadly broken but with more small-scale organic farms we can feed our communities and help heal the earth. I want to be a part of the solution to climate change rather than dedicating every day of work to make the problem worse. I believe what we do every day really matters. So in short, I farm to change the world (one pasture-raised organic pork chop at a time).

Why did you get involved with WhatsGood? 

Co-founders Matt and Erin Tortora were CSA members of ours. We got to know them, trust them and enjoy their fresh perspectives on how to make a change in the food system. We have been with WhatsGood from the beginning and LOVE working with a group of informed folks dedicated to making local food more accessible. WhatsGood has been wonderful for our business model as well. We farm on private property that we lease and it’s not ideal for a lot of consumer traffic, as there are other private residences here. Packing orders and delivering to the aggregation center for WhatsGood has made a huge difference in our ability to reach average household cooks. We love working with WhatsGood for so many reasons. 

If you attended farmers markets, why don’t you anymore? 

We used to attend a weekly farmers market and no longer do. We have found that the WhatsGood weekly sales are more than double a previous good market day and it means less time for us overall. Now, one simple packing process replaces an entire day of packing,  set-up, market hours, break down and unpacking. 

If you could say one thing to a consumer about your products, what would you tell them?

That we’re different than the products you find in the grocery stores (even the high-end ones). Our prices are higher and so are our standards. When you learn more about the food system it’s easy to be disgusted with what is happening. When you learn more about our farming methods and our products it’s easy to rest assured you’re being part of the solution.